jareyn (jareyn) wrote,

A Better Parade Night Uptown

Better parade night Uptown last night.

Friends staked out across from St Stephen’s School, a block up from Magazine. The crowd filled in a bit around parade time, but certainly not the sardine packed situation that happened on Thursday.

Hermes had some float trouble early, but once the tractor replacement was made, they rolled without further issue. Hermes has strayed away from the long pearls that once were their signature bead, but I liked the fact that a lot of their throws had the krewe name on them.

The floats themselves were really pretty, with one float actually thundering with streaks of EL wire lightning as it rolled past. The Dionysus depiction (rumored to be modeled after Jim Morrison) was wonderful eye candy. Because d’Etat & Morpheus were coming down Magazine where Craig works, he was able to close early enough to actually come out and see Hermes. We had been treated to a sneak peek at the den a while back, but there is nothing like seeing the rider clad floats rolling past.

D’Etat started at the same time Hermes did, but from Magazine & Jefferson. They fell in right after Hermes. Craig was able to snag a couple of their carnival bulletins as I photographed the skull club. We LOVED the Papal Police dance troop. We could hardly stop laughing as they line danced their way up the street. D’Etat is not as pretty as Hermes, but the satire was great as always, and the riders were throwing decently. Everyone in out group ended up with at least one blinking item. Hail the Dictator! You men gave us a great show.

Morpheus, the third parade of the evening, is neither extremely pretty nor satirical, but the riders had sprit last night. They were decent with throws and I don’t think I saw a single frown on any rider’s face. Most of the crowd dispersed as Morpheus was rolling, leaving out group solo on out little patch of ground. We were rewarded for staying. I was on a step ladder (pulled back) to take pictures, and started throwing out my arms and screaming “Throw me Something!” as the floats were in front of us. My favorite reaction was the top rider who threw a single strand of 8mm 33” beads and roared with approval as I caught them. I cheered right back at him! A good part of the fun is just the recognition.

I was sad to hear this morning, of the shooting on the route in the Garden District. Guns have no place at a parade.

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