jareyn (jareyn) wrote,

Rider Goggles

I am definitely investing in goggles for my next ride.

Riding Orpheus Monday near Milan & St Charles I was struck in the eye by a throwback bead(s).

I saw (from my good eye) the early teen brat who threw them (and was laughing), but of course the float was moving and no cop in sight.

The pain in my eye was so blinding that I actually sat down for a few blocks to let it tear and hopefully get dirt out of it. Thankfully, it did not appear to be cut. If I missed you Uptown after Milan and before Louisiana, that is why.

I did get up and continue to enjoy my ride after that, though I noticed more throwbacks this year than last.

Other than the eye incident, I had a wonderful ride. Bigger crowds on the street than I had seen in years!

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