jareyn (jareyn) wrote,

Sunday Adventure

I stayed in California this weekend for work, and got a break for today. Instead of staying cooped up at the hotel, I did a bit of exploring.

I have been staying in Newark, so I headed across the Dumbarton bridge and through Palo Alto to route 84. 84 twists and turns toward the coast and highway 1. The scenery on 84 was really nice, but there were not too many spots convenient to stop and take pictures. The barn picture below was one such spot.


Right after I turned south on highway 1, I came upon San Gregorio State Beach, paid the state parks fee for the day and walked around the beach for a while. The air was cool and pleasant, and a lone surfer was taking on the mild wave action.


I continued down highway 1 to Santa Cruz, stopping occasionally to take in the sights. I drove down Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, past some very nice houses. The area was crowded and parking was scarce on such a nice day, so I only stopped a couple times.


I look forward to walking the nice downtown area with Craig in June when he comes out for another weekend.

I turned up 17 back toward San Jose to catch 880 back to the hotel. Since it was still early, I decided to catch a movie. I watched Monsters Versus Aliens in 3D. at the Century Theaters. The movie was silly, but fun, and the 3D was really nicely done.

All in all, it was a pretty nice day.

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