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5 years ago - a look back at August 22

The buzz this weekend in New Orleans is all about the anniversary coming up. Katrina, the storm that changed the city.

I was a fairly regular journalist in 2005, so this morning I took a look back at August 22, 2005.
It was a Monday. But like today, a Sunday, I was packing. Not for a storm evacuation, but for a vacation to the west coast to see my sister Rachel get married followed by a trip out to the Nevada desert to experience Burning Man. The post has a tone of excitement, listing material packed for desert survival and for costuming at the festival. We were ready to pack a trailer not of belongings to save, but of supplies to use in recreation. No awareness of a storm to come.

5 years later, my packing was quick and routine, clothing and laptop for a week of working away from home. Flying rather than driving. Alone rather than with Craig. Traveling for work rather than for pleasure.
There is a storm, Danielle, named today, but it is still far out in the Atlantic, and not even expected to approach the Gulf.

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