August 22nd, 2005


It's almost like moving!

Craig & I spent a great deal of time packing and prepping for vacation this weekend.

Packing for 3 days in the Bay Area was easiest. We each packed a couple nice but semi-casual outfits, and a more formal outfit for the wedding itself.

Packing for Burning Man was the biggest effort. Looking at the large area of the floor downstairs piled with supplies, I wonder if even hauling a trailer will be enough room for it all. I just have to keep in mind, the stack in the trailer will be quite a bit taller than wide.

There is of course all the camping equipment, including flagging tape and marking whiskers to make out tent tie lines easy to see by passers by. we have a huge roll of 6 mill black plastic to use for an evaporation pond for shower and dish water. 60 gallons of water, tubs of dry goods we decided on ahead of time and the essential canned drinks. Burning Man includes a recycle camp (proceeds to benefit the school in the next town over), so any cans we use, will be donated rather than packed out by us. Craig also bought andouille and tasso for the jambalaya we'll be treating the camp to mid-week. He did some prep work ahead of time, making a spice mix and cutting up the meat to make prep in the desert easier.

An entire suitcase (and not a small one) is packed with costumes. Living in New Orleans and costuming for Mardi Gras annually has its benefits. The majority of the costumes were already made. Burning Man will be a flashback of Mardi Gras past costume wise. Victorian, Egyptian, psychedelic and fun. I even packed a couple of my old float rider outfits that Craig will utilize.

The weekend packing effort allows me to relax a bit the next couple days, knowing there is very little that will need to be packed last minute.