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Judy's World

Under Constant Renovations

29 November 1964
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Born in New York, but grew up in Chicago. I now consider myself from New Orleans.

In 1995, a trip to mardi Gras at the invite of a good friend changed my life.
I live and work in New Orleans and am married to someone I can't imagine being without.
I love Mardi Gras and am active in both a marching and riding krewe.
I love taking pictures of events, people and things around me.
Craig and I purchsed a home in May of 2004, and are doing extensive renovations due to old termite damage. (more will be needed now due to hurricane damage)
We attended Burning Man in Nevada this summer while Hurricane Katrina was messing with our city.

Non-LJ Blogs I watch:
Bert & Bek's Uber Tandem Tour